What is a Good Golly Photography workshop?
This is a workshop for all of you who took the plunge and bought that fancy dslr,
but still aren't sure how to use it. I will teach you how to finally get off of the auto setting and start
taking some remarkable photographs!
What will I learn?
The Basics: How to use your digital slr camera
The Settings: Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, & how they all work 
The Lighting: How to find the best light and tips on using your flash
The Rules: How to use the rule of thirds
The Magic: How to capture those priceless moments 
The Big Picture: How to compose your shots like the pros
The Memories: How to organize these beautiful images and have them printed
The Goods: Learn about the latest accessories every photographer must have
What can I take home?
A Good Golly Photography workbook covering all of the material discussed
A "Quick Tips and Tricks" book to keep in your camera bag
A bag of goodies from some of my favorite vendors
How much is it?
$200 for the 3 hour workshop.
The workshop includes the instruction, a practice session, your workbook, breakfast, a bag of goodies from some of my favorite vendors, and a chance to win some amazing door prizes! 
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Me and my Good Golly Photography Workshop attendees with our new frames from Organic Bloom!

Here are some of my favorite vendors. These great companies send swag for your goodie bags as well as some awesome door prizes!